James St North is located in the heart of downtown Hamilton, comprised of the Italian, Portuguese and Vietnamese communities. And most recently a burgeoning arts community! Every Second Friday of the month there is a ArtCrawl, all the galleries of the area have their new art openings on the same night.

Here’s a great video done by local cable 14

You can read more about the street here


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  1. Burton Kramer

    I am trying to reach Michel Proulx, Photographer.
    Can you help.
    I believe he has shown work and or lives in Hamilton.
    Many thanks for a reply.

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  3. Adam Belovari


    My name is Adam Belovari and I am a fourth year Honours Art History student at McMaster University. As a student representative for both the Faculty of Humanities and the School of the Arts on behalf of the art history students I want to voice my concern with the university and the Humanities decision to phase out the McMaster University Art History Program over the next three years. As of February 1st 2010, the Dean has proposed a potential phasing out of the Honours and Joint Honours BA Art History options over a 2-3 year period. Once this decision is approved by her committee, it will go on to the Faculty of Humanities, the Undergraduate Planning Committee and the Senate. The decision to phase out the McMaster Art History Program could be finalized in the next few weeks.
    The McMaster Museum of Art is an excellent resource for students and we are fortunate to be one of the few universities in Ontario to have an on-campus museum and affiliated Studio Art Program. There is also easy access to the Art Gallery of Hamilton and various commercial galleries on James Street North, which enable students to gain practical museum/gallery experience. The decision to phase out Honours and Joint Honours Art History is not a logical one given these circumstances.
    To compromise, McMaster is willing to spare the minor in Art History option. However, this DOES NOT satisfy the requirements of many professional and graduate school programs for art, art history and design disciplines. McMaster University is depriving its Art History undergraduate students from being exposed to a full range of topics within the history of art! The students are very unhappy about this decision and the University does not sympathize with them and feels that they are making the best decision. The students are very unhappy about this decision and the University does not sympathize with them and feels that they are making the best possible decision in a period of financial hardship for the humanities.

    We need your help…

    A: You can l find more info on our facebook group:

    “Stop phasing out the McMaster Art History Program!”

    B: There is also an online petition to sign, “Stop the phasing out of
    the McMaster University Art History Program”


    C: Anyone who wants to voice their disappointment in detail should send a letter via email to President George and copy it to the Provost, the Dean of Humanities and the Director of the School of the Arts. The contact information is:

    Be very clear that it is not just a matter of keeping the program open but adding more resources to the program by hiring more faculty is what would be necessary to keep it going as a viable program.

    D: A recent article can be found at:


    Adam Belovari
    4th Year Honours Art History.
    Student Rep for the Faculty of Humanities and the School of the Arts

  4. menrvasofia

    I’m planning an event in August and am wondering if the ARt Crawl is something I could offer to my guests as an evening entertainment. Do you know when it will be in August?

  5. admin Post author

    second friday of the month, yes you can. lots to explore just look at the site from time to time to see what’s happening

  6. John Wilbur

    Is there a more direct way to send info to JamesStreetNorth?

    I’ve just finished a new “Stops on the Crawl” feature page dedicated to Blackbird Studios, please check it out: Hamiltonartscrawl.ca

    Also we’ve got Tribal Thunder at The Tribal Gallery this Crawl, info for that also on Hamiltonartcrawl.ca


  7. John Wilbur

    This is for those interested in chaplaincy, hospice or palliative care; philosophical and practical end of life issues.

    Stephen Jenkinson will be in town to help us build interest in organizing some Hamilton workshops in November. Please come out and meet him.

    For more infot: http://griefwalker.info/


  8. John Wilbur

    If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at a hand drum, this is your opportunity. The experts from Tribal Thunder will be at the Tribal Gallery with extra drums that you can try with their knowing guidance.

    There will also be a Tribal Thunder hand drum performance starting at 8:00 pm.



  9. John Wilbur

    You’ve said that if anyone wants to contribute, they just need to let you know. I’ve done that. I would like to contribute. Problem is you only talk the talk, providing no way to walk the walk.

    How do we SEND to YOU other than posting here and never hearing anything back?

  10. Margaret Lindsay Holton

    Hi Paul, just wondering if you could give a ‘plug’ for my upcoming exhibit at the Burlington Art Centre …

    ‘MEMORY’S SHADOW: Pinhole & Photo Collage Photography’ by yours truly will run from July 15th to August 19th in the Perry Gallery. All welcome. (Free admission!) Link on my photo-blog site for more info – http://canadadaPHOTOGRAPHY.blogspot.com

    Juxtaposing pinhole with photo collage photography I hope to provoke viewers to zing INwards to their own personal head-space where ‘images’ first began to form … Lotsa fun. Give it a gander.

    Btw, was that THE Burton Kramer commenting above? If so, for those who don’t know, he was/is one of the foremost graphic illustrators this country’s got – best known for his ‘logo’ inventions for the CBC and CN rails … Here’s his website, just in case you’re curious – http://www.kramer-design.com/

  11. Katelyn

    Hello, My names Katelyn. From Hamilton, ON. I have never been to an Art Crawl and SO VERY interesting in going to the next one! Where do I go to if i want to set up my own booth? 🙂 Cheers

  12. christine

    hi there – looking for some local talent to paint a custom canvas for my husband and i. not even sure where to look. any help?

  13. caitlin

    Dying for an apartment somewhere on James North. Is there a central listings place where I should look, or does anyone know of a good one available?

  14. Cyndi Ingle

    I have a listing for the May 10th Art Crawl. To whom do I send it?


  15. admin Post author

    apply for shows, group shows. apply at galleries, do you have a website? you can also just setup on the street in a area without a store

  16. Darren Kregar

    Could you add ARTrageous to the listing.

    We are located at 243 James Street North (former Blue Angel Gallery) We are a collective of 10-15 artists from the Hamilton area.

  17. Abram

    Hi, I recently moved my business to James N. It is The Hammer Active Alternative Transportation, or THAAT for short. We are at 237 James St. N., Unit C (entrance off Severn St.). I’m wondering if you could add us to your links.

  18. Samiksha Kaul


    I have a few questions about the Art Crawl. Does it happen every month? If yes, then how can we register to present artworks during the Art Crawl? I am a representative of the McMaster Design and Art Association. Would it be possible for our group members to create some artworks and then present it during the Art Crawl? We are looking to get more involved in the community. Please let me know if this is a possibility. Thank you very much for your help!

    Samikhsha Kaul
    VP External Communication
    McMaster Design and Art Association (DNA)

  19. mary

    So you can set up anyplace with your stuff and that won’t be a problem? You don’t have to sign up some were to sell?

  20. dizzy alice

    Hi there!

    We LOVE James St N and have been participating in the monthly art crawls in front of H.Williams Jewellery displaying vintage, vintage-inspired and handmade jewellery, clothing, and wares. We OFTEN mention James St North in our blog and always link to your website. We would be thrilled if you took a peek at what we’ve been up to and gave us any feedback you have.

    Can’t wait to feel the energy and good vibes tomorrow!
    Alicia & Vanessa (dizzy alice vintage)

  21. admin Post author

    Yes, every second month. Yes, they can apply at anyone of the galleries to have a show. Please get more involved James St would love to have you!

  22. Art Forms

    Hello! Art Forms would love to be included in this directory. We are a community arts organization and have recently changed our name from “Urban Art Initiative” to “Art Forms.” We have been active at 126 James N for just under 2 years. We are a youth arts center, offering programming, space, and creating community with at-risk youth (ages 16-25) in the city. We also have a large gallery wall which is open every Art Crawl, so we’d love to be profiled here on the blog along with other super galleries and shops!

  23. Mary Margaret Kachurowski

    Hi! I’ve been going to the monthly art crawls for the past couple of years and recently started to sell my knitware at “good weather” evenings. I have a link to your website on mine, can you put a link to my website on yours?


  24. Jocelyn Weatherbe

    We have an empty commercial space on Barton just around the corner from James St. North.
    We are wondering if you know someone who would be interested in setting up a Christmas Market with a number of artisans. It’s approximately 1300 sq. ft. with 20′ frontage. Newly renovated, nice and clean. I’m thinking that if someone was interested in organizing this it would fit as many as 8 or 10 vendors with tables/display racks.
    I’m sorry if this is an inappropriate post but I thought your blog would be a good place to start.

  25. Amelia DeFalco


    I wonder if the James Street North website would be willing to post information about a McMaster community event taking place just during the December 13 art crawl? The McMaster Critical Health Research Network (CHRN) will hold the second talk in its 2013-14 speaker series at 8:00 at the AGH Design Annex. The talk is free and open to the public. Here are the details:

    CHRN Speaker Series
    Elysee Nouvet — “Spectacular Suffering”
    Friday December 13th, 8pm
    AGH Design Annex (118 James St. North).

    Anthropologist Elysée Nouvet has spent the last 10 years studying social dimensions of suffering: the recognition, denial, and transformative powers of distress in various contexts. In this talk, she screens her short film Terra Sacer about pesticide-afflicted Nicaraguans struggling for compensation (co-directed with Alberto Guevara, 17 min), and discusses the potential and risks of making explicit displays of suffering central to trans-national appeals for justice.

    Elysée Nouvet holds an MA in Visual Anthropology (Goldsmiths College, University of London) and a PhD in social anthropology (York University). She is currently a CIHR post-doctoral Fellow in Humanitarian Healthcare Ethics in the Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics at McMaster University.

    Thanks for your help!

    Amelia DeFalco
    Research Facilitator
    Critical Health Research Network

  26. Amelia DeFalco

    Please join us this Friday, January 10, at the James Street art crawl for a public talk about animal assisted therapy (AAT) by Dr. Colleen Dell, visiting scholar at McMaster University.

    The details:
    Colleen Dell, Addiction Research Chair, University of Saskatchewan
    “PAWSitive Support: Applying Animal Assisted Therapy in the Treatment of Addictions & Mental Health”
    Friday January 10, 7:30 pm
    AGH Design Annex (118 James St. North)
    This event is part of the Critical Health Research Network (CHRN) Speaker Series. As with all our talks, this event is free. All are welcome to attend.
    Hope to see you there!

    Drawing on Dr. Dell’s research and practice in the field, this session will begin with the sharing of two stories – one dog and one horse related – to relay the potential for AAT in human healing. It will then open up for individuals’ to share their experiences with and knowledge about AAT and explore the potential for AAT to contribute integrated ways of thinking about system and service delivery in the addictions field.

    Colleen Anne Dell is Professor and Research Chair in Substance Abuse at the University of Saskatchewan in the Department of Sociology and School of Public Health. She is also a Senior Research Associate with the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse. Her research program is grounded in an empowering, community-based participatory approach and is specific focusses on healing from addictions. Her research draws upon her extensive front-line work experience in the field. Anna-Belle is a 3-year-old Old English Bulldog. She has been working as a certified therapy dog with St John Ambulance for the past year and travels to addictions treatment facilities, senior centres, universities and generally any other place someone wants to meet with her! You can follow her adventures on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/AnnaBelleSubiesAdventures

  27. Amelia DeFalco

    Please post the following announcement of a McMaster talk taking place before tomorrow’s art crawl.

    Please join us tomorrow!
    The McMaster University Critical Health Research Network (CHRN) presents:

    “Health, Embodiment, and Visual Autobiography”

    A public talk about the imaging of “health” and “disability” in contemporary visual self-narration and self-portraiture presented by Sarah Brophy and Janice Hladki.

    When: Friday February 14, 4:00 pm
    Where: Hamilton Room, Hamilton Central Library
    55 York Boulevard

    This event is part of the Critical Health Research Network (CHRN) Speaker Series. As with all of our Speaker Series talks, this event is free and open to the public. Please join us!

    From reality television, to film and video, to performance art, to graphic memoirs, autobiography is everywhere in today’s visual mediascape. In this presentation, Drs. Sarah Brophy and Janice Hladki (Faculty of Humanities) will discuss their research projects on the imaging of “health” and “disability” in contemporary visual self-narration and self-portraiture.

    SARAH BROPHY is Associate Professor of English and Cultural Studies at McMaster University. Her research engages twentieth and twenty-first century life writing, fiction, and visual culture and participates in multiple fields: British literature and culture since 1945, autobiography studies, disability and the body, visual culture, gender and sexuality, critical race studies, and postcolonialism.

    JANICE HLADKI is Associate Professor of Theatre and Film Studies at McMaster University. Her research contributes to feminist, critical disability, and visual culture studies. She is interested in investigating the body in performance and moving image culture, social justice in the arts, autobiographical film, Indigenous art, and the politics of collaborative research.

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  29. Amelia DeFalco

    Could you add the following announcement to your list of March art crawl events? Thanks!

    Please join us March 14 at 4:00 for the latest McMaster University Critical Health Research Network (CHRN) event: a public screening of the 2011 documentary Age of Champions, which follows five competitors who sprint, leap, and swim for gold at the American National Senior Olympics. The film will be introduced by Professor Joe Baker, School of Kinesiology and Health, York University.

    What: a FREE screening of the film “Age of Champions”
    When: Friday, March 14 at 4:00
    Where: Baltimore House (43 King William Street)

    As with all of our speaker series events, the screening is free and open to the public.

  30. Kristen


    I was just wondering how it works if someone wanted to set up a booth for Art Crawl? What are the regulations surrounding it?

    Thanks so much! Excited for Friday!!


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