James St North is located in the heart of downtown Hamilton, comprised of the Italian, Portuguese and Vietnamese communities. And most recently a burgeoning arts community! Every Second Friday of the month there is a ArtCrawl, all the galleries of the area have their new art openings on the same night.

Here’s a great video done by local cable 14

You can read more about the street here


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  1. Tracy

    I’d like to talk to one of the organizers about bringing a group down to the art crawl in May. But for the life of me I can’t find any contact information. How to I get ahold of someone who can answer a few questions???

  2. Tracy

    I am trying to bring a group down to the art crawl in May, but I have a few questions. For the life of me I can’t find any contact information for one of the group organizers. Is there someone I can contact with a few questions??

  3. admin Post author

    there are no organizers, its a group of galleries opening every second friday of the month, please read the about section.

  4. Lauren Olson

    ►MIXXED BUSINESS◄ Art Crawl After Party featuring Anthony Haley, Lauren Olson and Sheebs Milligan
    *Sponsored By Pistonhead Lager*

    Expect a variety of misfit artists and live art this June at #AFTERCRAWL, part of Absinthe’s launch of the new weekly MIXXED BUSINESS party.

    The lineup features artists Anthony Haley (reigning Hamilton and Oakville Art Battle 2014 Champ), Lauren Olson (Temper Temper) and Sheebs Milligan.

    Part business, mostly pleasure and all party, MIXXED BUSINESS is the ultimate party stew. Whether it’s hip hop, electronic, indie, pop, or your Dad’s vinyl collection – no genre will be safe, and this AFTERCRAWL edition mixes in a live art competition.


    Anthony Haley – (DUI Doodles Under the Influence) 2
    014 Hamilton & Oakville Art Battle Champion)

    Lauren Olson

    Sheebs Milligan

    Doodles Under The Influence (2014 Hamilton & Oakville Art Battle Champion) *LIVE*

    Walter Deans (Buggin Out // resident DJ)

    DJ ESP (Motown // A Drummer & A DJ)

    #AFTERCRAWL – Only at Club Absinthe
    Web: http://www.clubabsinthe.ca
    Facebook: Club Absinthe
    Twitter: @ClubAbsinthe
    Instagram: @ClubAbsinthe

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  6. Amber Aasman

    Hey there,
    I’m hoping you can add our gallery & organization to the roster of this blog. We are a youth-arts organization where we run all kinds of arts programming during the week, and are always presenting new work on Art Crawl as well as throughout the month. It would be great if we can be included on your blog.
    Amber Aasman
    Art Forms Program Coordinator

  7. Paulina

    Hi! I volunteer for Hamilton Ovarian Cancer Walk of Hope and we are wondering if we can attend the art crawl in August to help promote our walk? Thanks!

  8. stephen s

    I’m told there’s an Art Crawl this Friday 11, 2014. Can’t find details. Avid to come and meet the locals.

    Any details or a link?

  9. Erin

    OK So i know this is simple but yet I find i am confused by the simplicity of art crawl. it goes on this friday assume (august 8 2014) on james st. it is an unorganized thing, and people set up in the streets too. is there etiquette or order to how and where one can set up? I am thinking I need to come out to promote my art. I have never personally been and am hoping to come this week, but what is the best time to come? when do things get underway? I cant seem to find that kind of info.

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  11. Beverly Zaruk

    I would like to have my store/website listed on this ‘directory’, please tell me how to go about this, and how to be able to update information about the shop, the work that we do on the street and in the community. I have had my shop at 128 James North for 3 years now(!)

  12. Shilo Morton


    Shine Studio is dedicated to carrying artist and designer made one of a kind pieces. I opened last Friday, Sept 12 2014 at 3 Colbourne St. I would love to be added to the list of Art Crawl friends/ stores. We sell handmade home decor, jewellery, and accessories. Thank you!

  13. Veronica

    I have a teenage daughter is extremely talented. She has some art peices that she would like to
    Display and potentially sell during the next upcoming art crawl. Can she just set up on the street anywhere?
    Does she need special permission? Can someone let me know so she can gather her portfolio.

    Thanks in advance.

  14. admin Post author

    ask permission but if nothing is there its probably ok. maybe they should check it out before especially if they’ve never been

  15. Alicia Niles


    Barton Street Studio is a glass lampworking studio at 20 Barton street east, just around the corner from James Street North. We make glass and silver jewellery and often have exhibitions of other visual artists and unique products. I would love to added to the friends list.

  16. Erin

    Hi there,
    I’m just looking for info on vending at art crawl…can’t seem to find any info. But one comment on here made me think there’s no fee? Do I just show up with my product and find a spot to set up? Do I need permits or insurance for art crawl? Thanks so much!

  17. Andrew Stephenson

    How could I become included in the art crawl? I make hand made air cactus globes and terrariums for purchase. I just recently started my home-based business in Hamilton and I would love the opportunity to display my creations. Is it ok for me to set up a table on to street? I’ve attended the art crawl a few times but I was just unsure of the protocol. Thanks.

    ~Andrew Stephenson

  18. Andrew Stephenson

    Is it ok for me to set up a table on the street to display my cactus globes and terrariums? I’ve attended the art crawl a few times but I was just unsure of the protocol. Thanks.

    ~Andrew Stephenson

  19. Tom Zafiridis

    My wife and I were excited to attend the Art Crawl on Friday November 11, 2016 with our three sons. It was very refreshing to see what James Street North has become. We started with a beautiful dinner at a restaurant on James Street North. We had reservations and it was difficult to find parking within walking distance. We were fortunate to find parking across the street from the restaurant at a bank parking lot. The bank was closed and so I though it would not be an issue as long as we were supporting the businesses in the immediate area. After dinner we visited the art galleries and had a great evening. But, the thanks I got from the City of Hamilton was a $35 ticket for parking in the bank lot (bank was closed). I dropped $240 for dinner and my 3 sons made purchases after dinner. The thanks we got for supporting Hamilton businesses is to get screwed by a by-law officer who has no concept of discretion. Thanks Hamilton. You entice us to come, there is no parking within 6 blocks, I find a spot at a closed bank directly across the street from the restaurant we attended and you screw me over. City Hall, you need to reassess. I am going back to Niagara to spend my money.

  20. admin Post author

    its a private lot. the city has nothing to do with it. there are multiple parking lots and paid parking on the streets.

  21. Ramona Cunningham

    I would like to sell my art at the next art crawl. Is there a some kind of form that I would need to fill out to formally book a space?

  22. Ms. Magna Carta

    When law is created, it is for the betterment of all…and should be followed by all.
    No one is above law…not even you…regardless of your $240 restaurant bill.
    Pay your $30 parking ticket.

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