Art Crawl This Friday!

ART CRAWL Feb8/13!!!
Needlework- 174 James N-Textile Workshop
Check out the spot and drop off your can goods during artcrawl for foodbanks!

Manta Contemporary-Charlene Chua
Love Lust is a visual exploration of the two most prominent elements of romantic love. The emotional spectrum that occupies the space between the idealism and physicality of this experience are expressed through stylized renderings of the female form.  YOU ME GALLERY -Harold Sikkema-Landscapes
Tapestries of Earthen pacts and impacts

Centre 3 Members Space-Ingrid Mayrhofer-Objects Subject to Change

MULBERRY CAFE-Lisa Pijuan Nomura Evidence of a Paper Addiction
For the past 20 years Lisa Pijuan-Nomura has been a collector of old paper, photos and books. Following her curiosity she would simply gather images that interested her. In 2008 she found herself surrounded by a large collection of ephemera that inspired her to begin a practice of creating a daily piece of art. It soon became clear that her preferred medium was collage.

FOCUS GALLERY-John Visser-Into the Light of Things
Impressionistic paintings.
66 James Street North (before Wilson)
Impressionist style paintings

B CONTEMPORARY-Picture Plane-Grid,Dot Matrix, Pixel (cont’d)
Michael Allgoewer, Don Jean-Louis, John MacGregor, Andre McPhail, Liss Platt
The grid entered art during the Renaissance as a way to depict a more realistic sense of space in a painting. In the Modern age of Abstraction and Non-representational Art the grid turned flat to the picture plane. The Pop movement turned to the world of commercial printing for ways to depict both an image and the flatness of the picture plane. The grid morphed into dot matrix. With the emergence of the digital age artists began to use the pixel as the new grid.
226 James St N (Old Ricca Furniture Building)

HAVN-Woven Still-26 Barton E
Video /Sound/Embroidered Photography



WAHC-Steel Town Views
Eight studio participants created collagraphs, a printmaking method that works with textures and layers of surfaces glued together. The exhibition at WAHC’s Community Gallery (second floor) also includes the plates from which the prints were pulled. Gallery visitors are invited to use the plates to create rubbings and add their own visual comments on the topic of the “Feel of Steeltown,” for the visitor’s wall. A workshop with children from the ICAA art education program adds another newcomer perspective to the exhibition.

HISTORY AND HERITAGE-Luna Martinez-Virtual History (cont’d)
Oscar Luna Martinez is originally from Mexico City. He grew up in Montreal and now lives in Hamilton. He is a trained graphic artist with a keen interest in architectural illustration. Oscar is another example of the content for HIStory + HERitage’s exhibitions walking through the front door. Oscar showed me his illustrations of the Lister Block and that led to a discussion of a broader exhibition which includes Oscar’s fully rendered 3D illustrations of the Lister Block, the Pigott building, and an amazing re-creation of Hamilton’s old city hall that was located on James Street North that was demolished in 1962.

He explores concepts of money and economy in relation to his own life in the work My earliest memory of money is selling flower seeds door to door, as well as his visual observations as a member of Art and Cold Cash, an artists’ collective emerging from Qamanituaq (Baker Lake), Nunavut.
Also Award for Distinction in Studio Work from McMaster Studio Program
The Artists get a month long exhibit at the Inc, Emily Benedict, Katie Leaf,Devan Marinaccio

243 James St North 905-522-8735
Studio 12 Loft-Student Fashion Shoot
For the February Art Crawl, the Senior School students of Hillfield Strathallan College present an evening of fashion and fashion photography.
ART WORD ART BAR -David Nemeth-Drawings (cont’d)
David Nemeth recently made his home in Hamilton, the city that inspired him to create his latest series, “Between the Hammer and a Hard Place”, an evocative study of Hamilton’s architecture and the people who reside there, as seen through the eyes of the artist

THE PRINTSTUDIO Aka Centre3–Shelley Niro-M:Stories of Women (cont’d)
Stories of Women is a series of 12 large-scale digital photomontages. The imagery incorporates elements of portraiture, myth and irony to contest prevailing stereotypes. Niro began the series with the legend of Skywoman, as she felt that the heroine’s predicament was not so different from the experiences of her contemporary counterparts
THE FACTORY-Cybernetic Orchestra Shift Cd Release
SHIFT is the second album from the Cybernetic Orchestra – McMaster U’s laptop orchestra. Last April, the Orchestra released their debut album, esp.beat, at the Factory Media Centre. We are pleased to have them back to perform and promote their latest album

RELISH, 6 Cannon St. E. • Relish on Etsy
O”S Clothes beside Relish-Men’s Clothes
(right beside Relish)
Chaises Musicals-Furniture, books, music, dvds
152 James St North
THE CLAY STUDIO- 175 James St N.
MELAINE GILLIS STUDIO -126 James St N. (above the Factory 3rd Floor)
SYLVIA NICKERSON ILLUSTRATION-126 James St N. (above the Factory 3rd Floor)
Between the Mulberry Cafe and the Brain