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Im not going to post where to go what to see, many people have been asking how to they see artcrawl what routes to take so this month, just explore james st north its going to be a great warm day/evening!

As well CIUT toronto’s college radio is in urgent need for a new transmitter, support local music/politics/alternative politics and donate!

Big News at Fecal Face

so i am sure most of you dont know or care but the owner of one of my all time sites founder has stepped down but man this site has carried me through some crappy times in the simplest ways so John, who im sure will never read this, thanks so much!

Art of the Day


Yes We Cannon!

So good news for all you bike nerds in Hamilton and I know they’re a lot of them! City Hall approved a test pilot to make a bike lane along Cannon St. Personally I don’t get why its just a test lane, half the time the highway opps i mean a street… is empty of vehicles. But great updates from Walkable Streets…

Also Cbc has a article about it too. Image below from CBC. But don’t forget its not finished till the t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted!

Hopefully they not only make bicycle lanes but make them nice because I don’t want to see another bus lane on king which is not fully thought out/ looked horrible and almost made to fail.

bike lane image

Art in the Everyday

Great Article from Colossal about Japanese Manhole covers. I really like this because it shows how you can do city infrastructure and add some art to it!

manhole cover arty farty


ArtCrawl! Mar14th!

BALTIMORE HOUSE-Age of Champions Movie-Please join us March 14 at 4:00 for the latest McMaster University Critical Health Research Network (CHRN) event: a public screening of the 2011 documentary Age of Champions, which follows five competitors who sprint, leap, and swim for gold at the American National Senior Olympics. The film will be introduced by Professor Joe Baker, School of Kinesiology and Health, York University.
4pm Screening, 43 King William
As with all of our speaker series events, the screening is free and open to the public.
HAMMER CITY RECORDS-Celebrate Women’s Herstory-Mary Tremonte & Jesse Purcell
Celebrate Women’s Herstory: A collaborative printstallation created by Justseeds Artists Cooperative members Mary Tremonte and Jesse Purcell, including selected posters from the Justseeds’ Celebrate People’s History poster series. Posters and prints will be available for sale.
228 James N Basement
THE NATHANIEL HUGHSON GALLERY-Hamilton -Stephen Brookbank and Clarence Porter(27 John St N)
THE FACTORY -Also Ful-Film-Ent
In celebration of international women’s day featuring films by some of canada’s most talented women filmmakers!

MULBERRY DEFACTO-Simulacra:images in, of and about the anthropocene-Em Johnson
My artistic practice is concerned with exploring the ways in which human beings perceive, depict, transform, and destroy the world around us. I am fascinated by the dynamic relationship between that which is natural and that which is synthetic. I work in a variety of mediums to pose questions and expose the intricate complexities of our lives on this celestial orb. I am continuously seeking new ways to express sentiments of contradiction, how it is that I can marvel at the magnificent creations in this world (both the natural and synthetic) as well as feel hopelessly devastated by how the world has come to be what it is at the very same time.

HAVN-Fire Fighters -Dan Hill & Devan Marinaccio (26 Barton)
Illustrations by two very talented artists.
CENTRE3–CT-Perscpectives from Above -Jeanette Johns
Jeanette Johns is from Winnipeg, Manitoba, and her fascination with landscape is based in her prairie roots. She combines both empirical and theoretical knowledge to explore the intersection with attributes of mathematics, patterning and geometry.
NEW HARBOURS-Gates and Moon Sun Moon(252 James N)
Done Metal, Folk, doom, pop music. Just go it’s gonna be good.

126 James Street North, 2nd floor

HAMILTON ARTISTS INC-Past Interupted -Jason Brown, Gloria Pizio, Mina Ao
Jason Brown, Gloria Pizio and Mina Ao return to locations in Canada, Italy and China to photograph subject matter that questions culturally idealized representations of places they recall, or to which they have a close connection. With the passage of time, the artists have come to understand the complex and evolving reality associated with these environments in a way that begins to critically reconcile how their personal affiliations effected how they had previously regarded these locations. Through these photographic explorations, they have begun to appreciate how from a young age, these culturally imprinted associations have intertwined with the pervading cultural imaginary associated with these romanticized locales, in a way that differs from physical reality.

An exhibit of the next generation of future artists

ART WORD ART BAR -Music and Art(15 Colbourne aka James and Colburne)
Jazz w. Fred Butler and Abigail Neale Big Band, with Fred Butler on tenor sax and Abigail Neale on alto sax, plus trombones and trumpets, piano, bass, guitar, drums.
Sat March 15, 8 pm, $15 door, $10 adv. Heavy Pedal #2, hosted by Marie Avery, highlighting songwriters on piano, playing short solo sets: Annie Shaw, Sarah Whynott, Deanna Wells, Molly Babin, Aaron Zukewich and Marie Avery. Gord Simmons is MC.

YOU ME GALLERY -8 Entitled Works of Art (320 James N)
Jim Chambers, Bryce Kanbara, Brian Kelly, Robert Clark Yates.

B CONTEMPORARY-The Continuous Line Project-Stephanie Seagram (226 James N)
New Works.

66 James Street North (before Wilson)

NEEDLEWORK- 174 James N-Textile Workshop
Check out the spot and drop off your can goods during artcrawl for foodbanks!




HISTORY AND HERITAGE-and also Hamilton store

MCCARTNEY & SON Resturant-282 James North
WORK-337 James North
CHAISES MUSICALS-Furniture, books, music, dvds (cannon and james)
152 James St North

WHITE ELEPHANT-Clothes and Jewlery 133 James N
THE CLAY STUDIO- 175 James St N.
MELAINE GILLIS STUDIO -126 James St N. (above the Factory 3rd Floor)
SYLVIA NICKERSON ILLUSTRATION-126 James St N. (above the Factory 3rd Floor)

Another Art of the Day

So instead of complaining about how things have been going I thought I would rather just have a post of some awesome artists/images….

first Ikko Tanaka

Joram Roukes via Boooom

This one is from Bibliodyssey





Successful Artists


Hey everyone, sorry if the site hasn’t been up to date or well organized or whatever, alot of my personal life has taken over my free time for the  bad and good. So that being said over the next few months I will either be improving it or just slowly turning it into a tourism site because that’s what most people think it is. I started this to highlight the artshows/ new artshows. oh well…. (art below is by tapies one of my favorite artists)

Art of the Lego Title

Great article/video in this article from the site Art of the Title about the new lego movie end credits. Below is the movie a image from the movie but definitely worth the read! Oh and the site itself is really good.